Laipac Technology, Inc, was founded in 1999 by Canadian entrepreneurs Maria C. Pacini and Diego Lai. The vision of Laipac was simple, even at its founding – provide peace of mind to customers by crafting the absolute best, most reliable, and easiest-to-use locator devices on the market.
Today, Laipac Technology has become an industry leader in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services. But the vision hasn’t changed. At Laipac Technology, we build with the customer in mind – above all else.

Laipac Asset Locators offer an ideal GPS asset tracking choice – one that has been designed with the needs of customers with high-value assets in mind. Our asset locators have been developed for maximum ease-of-use, long life, durability, and shock resistance. Installation of Laipac asset locators is as easy as finding a flat spot to attach them with rare-earth magnets, and since they use high-quality, internal Li-Ion batteries, they can be attached to both powered and unpowered machinery.