As a multinational company, tesa has 125 years of experience in the development and manufacture of adhesives and in coating technology. It has always been an essential part of the company's philosophy to offer innovative products and services. Today, tesa generates more than 20% of its sales from adhesive tape solutions that are less than five years old. Innovations may arise on quite different levels: By developing in-house technologies, optimising processes, co-operating with external partners, or saving resources, such as energy and raw materials – and above all through an international network of highly qualified colleagues within the company.

Currently, the thinnest double-sided adhesive tape manufactured by tesa for use in smartphones measures just three micrometres – That's sixteen times finer than a human hair! On the other hand, the thickest foamed tesa tapes, which are used in the construction industry, among others, measure more than 5,000 micrometres, i.e. five millimetres. In the industry, tesa has always been recognised as a company that has proven expertise in adhesive and tape design.