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Vital Electrocomp range consists of screw type terminal blocks also known as cage clamp design. Screw type connections use a rising cage design to secure the conductor ensuring the solder joints are intact. The screw type terminal blocks are recommended for applications with standard I/O and low current industrial devices. The range also covers screwless or also known as push fix type or spring type terminal blocks. Screwless terminal blocks offer a tool free connection with solid or ferruled wires saving time of connection as well as making it faster and convenient to connect and disconnect in applications like EPABX systems. These screwless terminal blocks also widely known as spring type connectors are strongly recommended in vibration sensitive applications where under or over torquing may be of concern.

Vital Electrocomp and its associate companies is a family owned business group. The companies steered by Shri Vijay Shah who laid the valuable foundation of manufacturing a wide range of electromechanical components have experienced a steady growth and have today established a strong presence in the market for its brand name. Prime Components established in 1990 led to the beginning and success of Vital Electrocomp which was established in 1997. Since 1997, Vital has focused on manufacturing the most widely used printed circuit board terminal blocks (PCB connectors) in India keeping in the mind the international terminal technology. Today Vital has one of the widest ranges of indigenously manufactured PCB terminal blocks available in India. The company is entirely self-financed, which enables it to offer competitive prices and keeps a single-minded focus on customer service. The advanced stock management system gives high stock availability considering short lead times required by customers these days.

Growing market share and demand from new and existing customers has led us to innovative and simpler yet one of the most efficient production techniques to be able to meet customer expectations. Finely implemented engineering principles and techniques of inventory and production management enable Vital to meet short and stringent customer delivery schedules. Vital’s manufacturing facilities have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certifications from TUV Rheinland. Vital products are approved to North American and Canadian Standards by Underwriters Laboratories. All Vital products are certified by an independent NABL accredited testing laboratory to meet the applicable requirements of IS and CE standards. All Vital products are manufactured to comply with the RoHS law 2002/95/EC and its later amendments.

Vital is proud to incorporate in-house testing facilities like mechanical endurance tests (flexion, pull, impact, vibration), electrical endurance tests (temperature rise, hi-pot, short time high current withstand, high inrush, constant loading, insulation resistance, voltage drop), HALT tests, corrosion cracking tests, long term cyclic tests and many more in accordance to the applicable requirements of Indian standards, IEC standards (60947-7-1), CSA standards (C22.2 No. 158 and UL standards (UL1059). The testing facility is audited and approved by facilities like EQDC, TUV, and UL in accordance with the applicable clauses of ISO 17025 to conduct testing in house.

The technical team at Vital today is capable of :

  • Precision mold making designed in house using the latest manufacturing technology
  • Plastic processing
  • Progressive and compound stamping tools
  • Precision jigs and fixtures
  • Specialized custom designed connectors: design, development & manufacturing

We have a modern tool room which caters to the requirements of the group of companies. We specialize in molding components from a wide range of engineering plastics like PA6, PA66, PC, PBT, ABS and others on a microprocessor based fully automatic injection molding machines. We also specialize in the manufacturing of fine metal components from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We have an in house facility for high quality electroplating capable to cater our own needs of international quality metal finishing like gold, silver, tin, nickel, copper & zinc. Our plating meets the requirements of EU RoHS (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, CrVI, PBB’s and PBDE’s).

Vital facilities are ISO 9001:2008. Its entire set of operations from incoming raw material to finished product being shipped follows the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Management System (QMS) at Vital is subject to periodic inspection and surprise audits by TUV Rheinland as well as international certification bodies like UL India and UL International. Vital is committed to customer satisfaction by complying with International specifications and directives through continuous quality improvement, total quality management and total employee involvement.

The company has an impressive network of dealers/stockiest making it convenient for customers to source Vital products locally and readily. Most of the times, Vital delegates it’s pricing for the end user to its dealers/stockiest making its goods most competitive in the market. Our prestigious client lists consists of companies like Schneider, Reliance, Idea, Tata, Bajaj, Philips, Acme, Delta and major government contractors for various railway, defense, automotive, energy, telecom and manufacturing sectors.

We thank you for taking the time and effort to read about us and hope we can not only meet but excel your expectations for our products.

Manufacturer of PCB Terminal Blocks, Fuse Holders, Barrier Terminals & Microswitches

CE Approval by UL1

NO CE Third Party Witness Testing


Vital UL Canadian Approval

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ISO 9001:2008

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