Since 1988 SuperCom has been a global leading provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, providing advanced safety, identification, and security products and solutions to governments as well as private and public organizations around the world. SuperCom has been inspiring governments and national agencies, to design and issue secured multi-ID documents and robust digital identity solutions to its citizen and visitors, using SuperCom e-government platforms and innovative solutions for traditional and biometrics enrollment, personalization, issuance, and border control services. 

SuperCom has been inspiring the world with its RT location, tracking, monitoring, and verification solutions, empowered by its PureRF™ cutting edge wireless hybrids suite of products and technologies, all operated by a secure, proprietary web-based, interactive, user-friendly interface. SuperCom features a unique all-in-one field-proven RFID and mobile technology and products, accompanied with advanced complementary services for the healthcare and homecare, security and safety, community public safety, law enforcement, electronic monitoring, livestock monitoring, building and access automation, and more.

SuperCom’s solutions can be customized, scalable and highly flexible in order to meet each organization’s unique needs now and in the future. As an industry innovator SuperCom continues to develop and incorporate cutting edge technologies into its products and solutions. 

SuperCom presents an impressive group of experts in business, commercial, government identification and wireless technologies, which brings together decades of hands-on experience and expertise.

SuperCom complies with ISO Standards


PureSecurity™ – Pure plus Services

SuperCom’s PureSecurity Suite provides advanced electronic monitoring solutions and services to criminal justice agencies.
This suite, combining SuperCom’s EM platform with LCA’s EM programs and community-based services, allows for efficient operations, outstanding compliance and highly successful outcomes.

SuperCom’s solutions are built on decades of experience implementing RFID solutions and large-scale government projects. The EM platform allows for easy, gradual and flexible implementation, meeting the challenges of any agency or private operator.


LCA has been an industry leader for over 24 years, keeping pace with industry needs, staying ahead
of technology advancements, and ultimately setting the industry standard for successful electronic
monitoring and community-based programs.

Electronic Monitoring Solutions

PureTrack, the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform

PureCom for house arrest

PureTag a compact, elegant RF bracelet

PureProtect, a smarphone app for victim protection

PureMonitor, SuperCom’s cloud-based software designed to deliver the information

Criminal Justice Services

Full Service Electronic Monitoring

Individualized Case Management

Employment Services

Evidence-Based Treatment Programs

Juvenile & Adult Day Reporting Centers


PureTrack leverages smartphone
technology to provide the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform.


GPS, cell tower and Wi-Fi
location tracking

RF teethering via Bluetooth

Supports GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi

Calendar management

Persistent offender term
notifications and reminders

Smartphone voice, text, email,
video communications

Portable breath-alcohol

Bio-identification – facial
recognition, fingerprint, voice


The PureCom RF base station brings
new features and functionalities

to your house arrest programs.


Smart LCD screen

Fingerprint ID verification

2 way communications via text
and voice

Cell, landline, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Streamlined field installation

72-hour battery backup

Dual SIM for broader coverage

Onboard GPS tracking

Supports up to 50 PureTag RF


PureTag is a highly secure
compact RF bracelet that operates across the complete spectrum of the
PureSecurity Suite.


Encrypted RF signal

Bluetooth support

Easy installation

Hypoallergenic, comfortable
curved design

4 year battery life

Disposable and adjustable strap

Strap, case and motion tamper

Sound and vibration indications

Lightweight – 1 oz.


The PureBeacon is a secure RF
device designed to provide indoor surveillance of offenders when GPS is not


4 years battery life – no
charging required

Encrypted RF protocol

Bluetooth support

Proximity and case tamper

Expand range via mesh network

Lightweight – 0.6 oz.


PureProtect is a smartphone app for victims that identifies and alerts of proximity violations without breaching the victim’s privacy.

 Additionally, the app identifies offender movement and behavior patterns in order to prevent attacks.


Supports both Android and iOS phones

Can alert on GPS, Cell Tower, and RF proximity

Alerts can be set up for predefined distances

Shows direction of offender travel

Alert can be sent to local authorities if distance is violated

GPS shielding and jamming detection

Application provides avoidance plan

Communication mechanism for assistance – speech or text (silent assist)

Password protected


Electronic Passports & Biometric Visas

 An Electronic Passport (e-Passport) is a machine-readable passport with an embedded micro-chip and antenna, and includes embedded biometric features. It has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Over 100 countries have already issued e-Passports, half of them using biometric features, such as face and fingerprints, and additional countries intend to do the same in coming years.

A biometric visa is a machine-readable visa that includes embedded biometric features. Many countries have already embarked on biometric visa projects.

e-Government Solutions

 ∑ID™ for e-Government harmonizes the data and processes among government offices. 

It upgrades governmental services, introduces scalable solutions and reduces the time required for system implementation. ∑ID™ easily provides online services to governments. 

It enables external agencies such as other government ministries, banks, insurance companies to retrieve online information from the government (and even pay for it – allowing the government another source of income).

 ∑ID™ enables individuals to interact online with the government. 

The system can answer queries, provide application forms for various processes, receive payments (taxes, fees) – thus dramatically improving the government services to the citizens, saving time and aggravation.

National eIDs/IDs

 National ID programs launched by governments are intended to be the first step towards addressing the subject of identification for citizens and aliens. They provide protection from undesirable persons such as terrorists and criminals, which can be easily identified. SuperCom’s ∑ID™ solution enhances national security, decreases government waste, and is a basic tool for prevention of crimes in general and identity theft specifically.

 SuperCom’s ∑ID™ solution is based on its innovative and universal ∑ID™ technological platform, which is easily adapted to various customer’s requirements and fully complies with international standards. 

Driving / Vehicle Licenses

 Governments are looking for an effective way to improve road safety while fighting against the rise in identity fraud. Improved services to citizens and reducing operational costs have become a major concern for many countries.

 SuperCom’s ∑ID™ provides a core solution to meet these challenges which manage driving licenses and vehicle permits. The solution is customized to meet the customer’s local legislation requirement. SuperCom’s system eliminates fraudulent licenses and enhances law enforcement. It significantly improves revenue collection and accountability. Our ∑ID™ IT platform creates reliable driver’s and vehicle’s databases for monitoring compliance to the law. The new system allows efficient enforcement and reduces the number of accidents!

Voters & Elections

 Running over the Magna eID platform SuperCom Elections Management (EMS) has a different take on verified voting. Building and managing a nationwide voter registry, EMS automatically splits population density demarcation into balanced GIS geo-location layers with dedicated polling stations. Assigning voters to specific polls, EMS issues ticketed polling cards and displays and handles voters lists in an interactive Elections web portal. 

 Coming Elections day, EMS provides immediate person authentication using a SuperCom MIV1 handheld device as it simultaneously updates the voters registry. Keeping the country in the electoral loop, EMS provides continual reports on the day’s happenings at the different polling stations. Breakdown of post-elections reports and statistics offers all that is needed for proven transparent and verified voting results. 


PureConnect IoT Solutions Platform

SuperCom’s PureConnect suite of solutions is a hybrid of smart devices and cloud-based software that enables secure Internet of Things (IoT) using a long list of encrypted communication methods including 3G, NFC, BLE, WiFi and Stealth RFID.

PureConnect provides authenticated, secure and flexible IoT solutions for

public and private sectors. 



SuperCom has created the first comprehensive corrections tracking platform, delivering cutting edge hardware and software solutions that work the way you need them to work.

SuperCom’s PureSecurity suite includes PureTrack, the ultimate GPS enrollee tracking platform; PureCom for house arrest;

PureTag, a compact RF bracelet; and PureMonitor, SuperCom’s cloud-based software designed to deliver the information you need when and where you need it. 


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SupCom’s solutions for the healthcare markets include location-based systems, designed to track and monitor patients and high value assets within health care facilities. The system consists of PureReader base units, which are located in entry zones and door entrances around the facility, smart RFID wrist tags worn by patients, and secure RFID tags attached to assets.

The system uses PureMonitor™, a completely web-based monitoring application with real time location capabilities, featuring enhanced security, ease of use and unmatched accessibility from nearly any device.

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SuperCom offers a complete tracking and monitoring solution for cargo containers via a secure and reliable locking mechanism. The PureLock system monitors all activity and provides real-time alerts when the lock has been breached. 
The system allows easy configuration of customized location or schedule based rules using the PureMonitor™ web-based monitoring application.

Using SuperCom’s advanced RFID technology, the lock owner can rest assured that any and all tamper attempts will be recorded and alerted immediately.

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SuperCom’s asset management solution is designed to track and monitor storage units and asset. The system provides real-time alerts when locks are being breached or an asset is moved from its authorized location.

The system allows easy configuration of customized location or schedule based rules using the PureMonitor™ web-based monitoring application.


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