About us

Scarabee is an international company with offices around the globe. With over 25 years’ experience, we work closely together with the world’s leading airports and airlines and business partners, developing unique, innovative and tailor-made solutions for the passenger and baggage handling and security sector.

Scarabee is an independent company, employing highly motivated and skilled professionals who delight in developing added-value IT solutions. Together with expert partners, our software and systems ensure that airports are ready to meet tomorrow’s opportunities.


Klaas van Rijn
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Tan
President and Chairman of the Board
Roel Blomsma

Chief Financial Officer


Uniting great minds. Breaking down barriers. Transforming visions into reality

If flying in an aircraft is so exciting, isn’t it a pity if your boarding process brings you back down to earth with a bump? The Scarabee Aviation Group, specialized in facilitating people flows, baggage handling and security checks at airports across the globe, like to keep it simple. It is the only way, that the complexity of today’s airport infrastructures can measure up to the ever-growing variety of passenger demands. Here’s how we do it… 

Along with airlines, airports and other stakeholders Scarabee co-creates premium airport solutions and delivered full life-cycle services as well. We help airports successfully meet the challenges of transforming the airport experience supporting ever increasing passenger numbers and their demands. By providing breakthrough space-saving technology solutions, leveraging the benefits and eliminating the compartmentalized aspects of the passenger journey, we place the passenger at the heart of it all.