Otai Special Steel: Suppliers of Steel Since 1999

The above picture displays our managers and staff proudly displaying the Otai Special Steel Team Motto:

“Going beyond myself, to make the team stronger!”

Our History

Otai Special Steel began back in 1999 on June 23rd, registered in Dongguan under the name Alltech Steel. Our goal was to supply molds to the factories of Dongguan city, and we quickly built up to an annual revenue of $620,000 (US).

Fast forward to August 2007, and our annual revenue had rocketed to $4,285,600 (US). This rapid growth and development saw us moving from just the retail market, to serving the wholesale market as well, and led to us purchasing several new and high tech pieces of machinery, such as:

  • Horizontal Saw
  • Vertical Sewing Machine
  • CNC Flame Cutting Machines
  • Surface Milling
  • Face Milling
  • Plane Milling
  • End Milling
  • Grinding Equipment
  • Plasma cutting machines
  • Lathes

This helped us to serve a wider market, meet customer demand and expand our operations even further, which only led to more growth and development.

Rapid Growth, New Name

On November 20th, 2007 ‘Alltech Steel’ become ‘Yao Teng Trading Company Ltd.’ and the full-scale steel trading company as we know it today was born (which was to become Otai Special Steel Co. Ltd.)

In addition to the original mold steel, we were now also dealing in high-speed steel and carbon alloy steel and competing with the largest players in the industry, working alongside several high-quality steel mills such as:

  • Baosteel,
  • Wuyang Iron and Steel,
  • Northeast Special Steel,
  • Wuhan Iron and Steel,
  • Changcheng Special Steel,
  • Valin Iron & Steel,
  • Xinyu Steel,
  • Xingcheng Special Steel,
  • Xiwang Special Steel,
  • Shougang,
  • and other mills.

We found ourselves in a very competitive position, able to leverage our relationships with other suppliers to provide solutions to most customer desires and do it at an affordable price.

We were now fully operational, with advanced machinery for and high competence in:

  • hot rolling,
  • forging,
  • cold drawing hot die steel,
  • cold die steel,
  • plastic mold steel,
  • carbon steel machinery,
  • mechanical alloy steel,
  • high speed tool steel,
  • and more.

It was an exciting time, and we had only just begun our expansion.


Gaining confidence, going global

On April 12, 2009 we took our company international. After gaining such momentum, solid relationships and a reputation to be proud of in the domestic market, we knew the time was right to take our services and products to the rest of the world.

Working with countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Syria, Iran, Egypt, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India our annual revenues began to exceed $25,000,000 and we began to focus intensely on the South East Asian, Latin American and Middle Eastern markets.


Our Success Formula

We are not the biggest company in China, and we firmly believe this is our advantage. By maintaining our original roots as a family-run business, we pay attention to every single customer’s desires and requirements and make sure they are met with precision and speed every time.

Our network is wide, and we are able to choose the right mills at the right time for our customers. We can make decisions quickly and pride ourselves on the high standard of our customer service, service delivery and customer satisfaction!

Our Otai Special Steel Motto is:

“Going beyond myself, to make the team stronger!”

High Tech Machinery

Our roots in local business and dedication to customer satisfaction caused rapid expansion, allowing us to purchase many pieces of brand new, high tech machinery.

Wide Network

We serve a wider market and are able to meet our customers’ needs quickly and precisely by leveraging our wide network of connections and mills.

Industry Experts

We are now experts in all areas of steel manufacturing and processing, with a dedicated and highly trained team and high technology machinery to match.

Global Distribution

Otai Special Steel are proud to say we are now a recognised global brand, serving customers as far and wide as South East Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.


As a leading steel supplier in the global market, we are very flexible with the steel that we can provide for you. If you are unsure about which steel is right for you, just send us an email and we will work with you to get it right.

Our steel comes in the following categories.

Hot Work Tool Steels

Hot Work Tool Steel waiting in the Otai Warehouse

Our Hot Work Tool Steels retain strength and hardness even under high temperatures. Ideal for shaping and cutting other materials. Click to see more…

Cold Work Tool Steels

Less likely to crack than other groups, our Cold Work Tool Steel is characterized by its high wear resistance and hardenability, and average toughness. Click to see more…

Plastic Mould Steels

Plastic Mould Steel in the Dongguan Otai Special Steel warehouse

Our plastic mould steels are highly corrosion-resistant and used to process plastic moulds, which can contain chemically aggressive or abrasive fillers. Click to see more…

High Speed Steels

M2 Steel in the Otai Warehouse

A category of steels that are capable of working in temperatures up to 760°C without losing strength and hardness. Click to see more…

High / Low Carbon Steels

Grouped into high, medium and low carbon content steel, our carbon steels are hardest and most brittle the higher the carbon content rises. Click to see more…

Bearing Steel and Gear Steel

Bearing Steel and Gear Steel in Warehouse

Steel specifically designed to produce rolling bearings and gear components. These steels have a high ability to resist fatigue during rolling contact. Click to see more…

Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steels

Heated to high temperatures, then rapidly cooled in water, our quenched and tempered steels are characterized by high strength and good ductility. Click to see more…


Bandsaw cutting

We have more 10 set CNC fully automated bandsaw cutting machinery.

Our CNC bandsaws offer cold sawn cut pieces in a comprehensive range of tool steel, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel, aluminium products.we can cold sawn multiple pieces as customer require.

Flame cutting steel plate

We have more 5 sets CNC fully automated  flame cutting machinery.

Our CNC fully automated flame cutting can offer hot cutting steel plate grades, as below:
●Mild Steel

●Boiler Plate

●Carbon Steel

Plasma Cutting steel plate

We have more 3 set CNC fully automated plasma cutting machinery.

Our CNC plasma offer hot cut pieces in a comprehensive range of tool steel, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel, aluminium products.we can cold sawn multiple pieces as customer require.

Laser cutting steel

Laser cutting steel plate

We have 2 sets CNC fully automated Laser cutting machinery.

Our CNC bandsaws offer hot cut pieces in a comprehensive range of tool steel, stainless steel, carbon and alloy steel, aluminium products.we can cold sawn multiple pieces as customer require.

X40CrMoV5 tool steel|h13|1.2344|skd61 special steel

Ground steel bar

We supply the Ground steel bar is suited for applications which require a tighter tolerance than commercial bright drawn, bright turned or bright peeled bar. we by precision grinding of steel bar offers a good tolerance on diameter,  roundness, straightness and a fine surface finish.