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Laipac Technology, Inc, was founded in 1999 by Canadian entrepreneurs Maria C. Pacini and Diego Lai. The vision of Laipac was simple, even at its founding – provide peace of mind to customers by crafting the absolute best, most reliable, and easiest-to-use locator devices on the market.
Today, Laipac Technology has become an industry leader in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services. But the vision hasn’t changed. At Laipac Technology, we build with the customer in mind – above all else.


Diego Lai-Co-founder & CEO
Diego Lai 
Co-founder & CEO
Maria Pacini Co-founder & CIO
Maria Pacini 
Co-founder & CIO

Customer Focused


Whether you’re trusting us to monitor your most valuable assets – vehicles, ATMs, equipment, water vehicles, and other expensive machinery – or allowing us to provide location services with our safety wearable smartwatch developed specifically for lone workers and families, we will put your needs first. Our customer service is second to none with solid customer testimonials.

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Laipac Technology has been awarded the Innovator of The Year 2018 by the high-tech city of Richmond Hill. Part of our success rests on our dedication to innovation and constant looking into the future with open mind thinking. Innovation doesn’t always mean developing more advanced technology – Innovation means solving the problems in a creative way that will surprise people. Innovation is the passion that drives Laipac team every single day. Since the needs of each sector for IoT are different, Laipac is dedicated to creating the perfect IoT solutions for each and every need, including asset tracking, security personnel, lone workers, mPERS applications, law enforcement’s house arrest applications, mobile Healthcare applications and livestock applications.

Our Mission


Our mission is simple. Each and every day, we wish to provide the absolute best, most innovative solutions to our clients and customers. Our desire is to improve quality of life, protect human beings and valuable assets, and ensure that any object is as safe and secure as possible. It is this spirit that has driven our growth. Our passionate desire for self-improvement and our vision for a safer, more well-protected future has led to our success. And despite the numerous business awards and nominations that Laipac has received, we will always be faithful to the right way. Treat others the same way that we would like to be treated.

Asset Locator

GPS Asset Tracking System

Starfinder Kamel
Asset Locator
Asset Locator

The world of commerce and transportation is constantly changing. In the past, it was impossible to accurately monitor assets over long distances, and even RFID tags and other tracking solutions fell short of the requirements of companies who needed to know where their most valuable assets were at all times.

Things have changed. Now, GPS and high-tech tracking technologies have combined with modern transmission and battery technologies to allow for high-quality, commercial-grade GPS trackers to become commonplace, and very affordable. In turn, this has made GPS tracking and geolocation of assets more important than ever – whether for security purposes, insurance purposes, or just to ensure that important assets, equipment, and people are secure and on schedule.

GPS tracking has become commonplace on most large, important assets – heavy duty construction equipment and other fleets of heavy-duty machinery, important shipments and vehicles, and even on boats and containers on cargo ships. Information is the most valuable asset a company has – and without GPS tracking it’s impossible to have the information about where your assets are at any given time.

Laipac Asset Locators offer an ideal GPS asset tracking choice – one that has been designed with the needs of customers with high-value assets in mind. Our asset locators have been developed for maximum ease-of-use, long life, durability, and shock resistance.

Installation of our asset locators is as easy as finding a flat spot to attach them with rare-earth magnets, and since they use high-quality, internal Li-Ion batteries, they can be attached to both powered and unpowered machinery.

Asset Locator

If you’re looking to install a GPS locator for permanent, long-term use, our asset locators can be permanently installed with screws, and wired up to power sources directly, eliminating the need for removal of the GPS locator for recharging – this makes them a great fleet management solution for high-cost, specialized equipment.

Battery life has long been an issue for GPS asset locators – but not for high quality Laipac GPS devices. Depending on the model chosen, your asset locator can last from one month up to six months, and each asset locator has a built-in sleep mode to help it conserve power when it’s not being tracked regularly.

Tracking isn’t just limited to daily check-ins – each individual asset locator can be set to push updates and notifications after certain time and distance intervals.

In addition, Laipac asset locators come with accelerometers and speed trackers. The accelerometers allow the tracker to detect shock and movement, giving you valuable information about the treatment of your asset, while the mileage and speed trackers allow for a better understanding of how your equipment is being used, whether it’s being driven by an employee or transported by a contractor.

Today, it’s more important than ever to keep tabs on your most valuable equipment. Don’t rely on outdated RFID or other distance-limited technology, and don’t turn to cheap GPS locators. Laipac is the best in the business. We’ve been building asset trackers since 1999, and we’re on the cutting-edge of GPS technology. Get a Laipac. Track your assets. Know they’re safe.

Vehicle Locators

Vehicle GPS Tracking System

Starfinder AIRE
Vehicle Locators
Starfinder LITE
Vehicle Locators
Starfinder BUS
Vehicle Locators

Vehicle locators are essential for a huge number of industries. Rental car agencies, trucking, heavy machinery rental, construction equipment rental, bus companies, taxi companies – the list could go on. If you have a fleet of vehicles – or even just one vehicle – that needs to have tabs kept on its location, you need a vehicle locator.

Until fairly recently, this technology was out of reach for most. The high cost and large size of most GPS tracking technology – as well as poor cellular connectivity – made it difficult for most companies to implement vehicle locators on their valuable assets.

However, that’s no longer the case. Today, vehicle locators are easy to use, affordable, and available in just about every shape and size. If you have an asset that needs to be tracked, or a whole fleet of vehicles that must be accounted for, it’s easier than ever to get set-up with a GPS vehicle locator.

Laipac specializes in easy-to-use vehicle locators, and has a wide variety of options available for purchase. These products range from small vehicle locators appropriate for vehicles such as motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, and other recreational vehicles, all the way up to fleet-based tracking systems robust and powerful enough to handle installation on any large-scale commercial vehicle imaginable.

Vehicle Locators

When you use a Laipac vehicle tracking system, you get ultimate peace of mind. Our devices can allow you to get a real-time view of the position, route, and time of travel of any vehicle, allowing you to get an understanding of the location of any vehicle in your fleet, no matter how big or how small.

Laipac also includes other valuable features in our vehicle locators, including automatic engine start-stop features, control of doors and power locks, mileage trackers and speeding alerts, and other helpful information that can help you get a better idea not only of the position of your vehicles – but of how the operators of your commercial vehicles are performing their duties.

This has a large variety of benefits – by using these locators, you can increase the accountability of field operators of your commercial vehicles, increase the efficiency of your fleet, and provide customers with useful information like updated estimated-time-of-arrival.

The best part of our vehicle locators is their ease of use. Each GPS system can be set to provide constant updates and send location data after certain periods of time, or after crossing a certain “geo-fenced” boundary.

All of the features of these GPS trackers are easy to use, and the intuitive control panel and comprehensive documentation included with your GPS tracker ensure that you will be able to use all of its powerful features quickly and easily.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our easy-to-use, high quality GPS vehicle locators, and upgrade your fleet. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your fleet is safe, and an increased ability to ensure that every driver or operator who is using one of your vehicles is doing so safely and correctly.

Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker – A Wearable Technology

S911 Lola
Personal GPS Tracker
S911 Bracelet HC 
Personal GPS Tracker
S911 Enforcer 
(Law Enforcement)
Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS location used to be in the realm of science fiction – but miniaturization and technological advancements have made accurate, real-time monitoring of individuals easier and more affordable than ever. Because of this, personal locators have a huge variety of applications.

For law enforcement officers, convenient personal locators are the best way to keep tabs on low-risk offenders, people who are under house arrest, or other individuals who can’t leave a specific area – such as a person who is out on bail and cannot leave the county or city that they are in. Tamper-resistant personal locators are very popular for such uses.

Individuals can also make use of personal locators for a variety of situations. mPERS (mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems) used to be limited to only household usage – but now, they can be taken just about anywhere. Personal locators don’t just allow relatives to track loved ones, but can also provide cellular phone capabilities that can provide emergency two-way communication. This can be extremely useful for people with mental or physical disabilities, lone workers, isolated relatives, students, and for tracking children at school.

Healthcare workers are also now using GPS locators more regularly, especially when caring for patients with psychological issues or with advanced degenerative mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as in elderly care. With features like anti-tamper mechanisms, fall detectors, and other useful options, these locators are incredibly popular.

Laipac has specialized in personal locators since the inception of the product market, and offers models that are suitable for personal use, law enforcement, and for use by medical professionals.

The two most important factors in creating a great personal GPS locator are ease of use and simplicity.

Ease of use is absolutely crucial when it comes to a personal locator – it must be easy both for subject users to understand what the device is for, and for those who are monitoring movements to understand the interface with which they’ll track the device.

Simplicity is important because personal GPS locators must function correctly at all times, with no downtime. Minimizing extraneous details and only focusing on useful features allows for longer battery life, fewer “moving parts”, and higher reliability when the device is in use.

The S911 series by Laipac is designed specifically for the utmost ease of use and simplicity. Whether you purchase the personal monitoring S911 “Lola”, the S911 Bracelet HC (Healthcare), or the law-enforcement focused S911 Bracelet ST, when you buy a Laipac, you will be buying the very best personal monitoring devices on the market.

Our monitors have important features like fall detection, smart logging, assisted GPS for advanced indoor and outdoor functionality, and SOS emergency buttons.

No matter what your needs are for your personal GPS locators, Laipac has the right product for you. So see what we have to offer, read about the features of our GPS locators, and try one for yourself. Whether you’re an individual protecting an aging loved one, a healthcare worker, or a law enforcement officer looking for a new GPS solution, you’re sure to find something specific for your situation.