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At Henkel Adhesive Technologies, our brands are an essential part of countless industrial and consumer applications. We combine unmatched innovation in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings with industry knowhow to develop tailor-made solutions with you—for you.

Industrial Brands

Henkel’s LOCTITE® brand is the trusted choice for engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions.

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Henkel’s TEROSON is the driving brand for bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcing in automotive body, vehicle repair and maintenance applications and industrial assemblies.

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Henkel’s TECHNOMELT® offers hot melt adhesives designed for the best results in your production processes and finished products.

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BONDERITE the premier brand for surface technology and process solutions that creates competitive advantage across the industrial manufacturing marketplace.

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Henkel’s AQUENCE® is the brand for inovative, sustainable, water-based adhesive solutions.

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Consumer Brands

Consumers all over the world rely on LOCTITE for fast, strong and durable solutions in their bonding jobs. Our innovative technologies and guaranteed results have made us the worldwide leading adhesive brand.

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Craftsmen and Construction Brands

LOCTITE PL® products have long been trusted by professionals and handymen for their performance on the job. We offer technologically advanced products, superior strength, and durability for experienced professionals and do-it-yourselfers who accept nothing but the best.

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OSI offers an arsenal of adhesives, caulks, and outdoor construction sealants for the true professional.

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New to Henkel Adhesive Technologies

We always look for opportunities to expand our portfolio into new industries and technologies. These brands are new to Henkel Adhesive Technologies:

Bergquist – a world leader in thermal management materials focused on developing, designing, and advancing thermal solutions for top OEMs and ODMs

Darex Packaging – a leading portfolio of high-performance can sealants, coatings, and closure technology for the global packaging industry

Novamelt – a comprehensive portfolio of specialized hotmelt PSAs and a broad range of customized solutions

Sonderhoff – a leading manufacturer of innovative foamed-in-place gasketing solutions with broad expertise in developing and manufacturing customized dosing equipment

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·         Industrial Adhesives

o    Threadlockers

o    Instant Adhesives

o    Structural Adhesives

o    Retaining Compounds

o    Electrically Conductive Adhesives

o    Film Adhesives

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·         Industrial Cleaners

o    Electrical Cleaners

o    Mold Release Cleaners

o    Degreasers

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·         Industrial Coatings

o    Inks and Coatings

o    Mold Release Agents

o    Protective Coatings

o    Conformal Coatings

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·         Industrial Lubricants

o    Anti-Seize Compounds

o    Metalworking Fluids

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·         Industrial Sealants

o    Thread Sealants

o    Liquid Gasket Solutions

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·         Potting, Encapsulating and Injection Molding Compounds

o    Potting Compounds

o    Glob Top Material and Encapsulants

o    Low Pressure Molding

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·         Repair Material

o    Concrete Repair Material

o    Metal Rebuilding Material

o    Grout Material

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·         Solder Materials

o    Solder Pastes

o    Solder Accessories

o    Flux Materials

o    Solder Wires

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·         Surface Treatments

o    Deoxidizers and Etchants

o    Corrosion Inhibitors

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·         Equipment

·         Thermal Management Materials

o                  THERMAL CLAD Insulated Metal Substrates

o                  Thermal Interface Materials