Shanghai Green Tech is high quality passive components supplier and energy storage system solutions provider Green Tech has been providing various capacitors to electronic industry with GTCAP brand since 2005

Green Tech cooperates with many experienced factories and researching stitutions, and can produce series tantalum capacitors, supercapacitors and mica capacitors.



In the beginning of 2008, Green Tech established a technical team and spent a lot of efforts into research and development energy storage system innovation.

As result now we found the perfect application of ultracapacitor modules with batteries,and can provide whole energy storage system solutions.

Our service and equipments successfully applied to solar power generation system,wind power generation, EHV,UPS,telecommunication, micro grid system andelevator energy recovery system.

Based on our philosophy ‘Green Products, Energy Storage Expert’,for making substantial contributions to human society and becoming the world’s best environmentally friendly company. We are doing our utmost to research and develop high-tech and green system device.

At present,we are researching the application of graphene in batteries and ultracapacitor modules.Graphene is a super conducting material,it can show excellent performance in the energy storage device.We are sure that in the near future,we can short the device’s charge time much and make the discharge time much longer.

We are willing to contribute our efforts to protect our everonment and use the clean power better.

We hope to become the global leader high-tech enterprise in energy storage system industry.

Your support and encouragement are very important to us and welcome to your participation.

Thank you for your interests in Shanghai Green Tech Co.,Ltd.

R&D Team

At the beginning of Shanghai Green Tech Co., Ltd establishing, we pay much attention to product research and development capabilities. We set up the professional research institutions in the internal group, introduce the precise laboratory equipment in capacitors and reserve excellent R&D personnel. We cooperated with Hebei University of Technology and found New Energy Research Center, and started to build post-doctoral research station positively with professional R&D institutions of universities. The basis of the capacitor technology in a solid premise, the direction of more cutting-edge professional development to provide a solid foundation for the company’s continued leading in the capacitor and continuous product improvement.

Production Management

Green Tech adopt lean production management style and advocate“defective product is technical issue, the defective product outlow is management problem”. We are carrying out “5S” “TPM” billboard activities continuously in the production process. By the way of implementing the standardizing operation procedures and equipment preventive maintenance, we eliminate a variety of wastes, improve efficiency and reduce costs in production process.

GT focus on job training of employees and encourage employees to work efficient, honest and responsible. Incentive systems are implemented to the workers at the production line, so that all hard-working employees can share the fruits of the company’s development.

Quality Control

Green Tech abide by ISO9001 international quality system strictly, which are fully implemented by the group company. The whole control includes raw material incoming control, process control and finished goods inspection control. Our company has perfect operation standard procedures which employees should severely comply with. Adding the effective employee post training, normative and rigorous equipment maintenance, provide the effective guarantee to the quality of products.

Our quality target is to improve production technology and process technology continuously, to improve product quality in order to meet customer’s demands. Quality activities throughout the whole production cycle, according to quality guarantee of each link, the design of the product, purchasing, production, testing, logistics, sales, services and so on, is to reach our target of quality.