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Smart Batteries, Charging Systems and Wearable Power and Communication Systems

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Epsilor is a world leader in the development and production of battery packs and chargers for the military, defense, marine, aerospace, industrial and electric vehicle (EV) markets.

Epsilor is a world-recognized developer and manufacturer of smart batteries, charging systems and wearable power and communication systems for high reliability applications. The company’s expertise lies in a wide variety of…


Epsilor is committed to satisfying its customers by providing timely delivery of quality products, solutions and services that meet the customer’s requirements, in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Epsilor aims…


Epsilor has vast experience in its fields of operation, and its employees have the necessary professional skillset and training to provide excellent products and services. Ronen Badichi – President, Battery and Power Systems Division,…


Epsilor is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by the Standards Institution of Israel and the International Certification Network. Epsilor ensures that all phases of development and manufacture are covered by strict quality control procedures. Our testing…


Battery Packs and Chargers for Military Devices


Home page Battery Packs and Chargers for Military Devices
Epsilor offers a complete line of standard and custom battery packs and chargers for military devices 

Epsilor has the engineering expertise to develop and manufacture smart military batteries and chargers. The batteries and chargers include protection, balancing and communication circuitry battery management system that exceed the strictest Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) requirements for handheld military devices. We offer a wide range of products including lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries and battery charging systems. 

Epsilor designs chargers for desk-mount usage, as well as vehicle-mount chargers for tactical environments. Epsilor also has a unique portable charging solution using any portable energy source including primary and reserve batteries, solar panels and fuel cells. Our mechanical engineering expertise ensures that our battery packs and chargers meet temperature, shock, vibration, and immersion requirements of tactical operations. 

Epsilor’s wide range of military applications includes handheld radios, GPS devices, wearable computers, PDAs with encryption, remote sensors, and missiles, military vehicles and more. All Epsilor military products meet the strict military standard requirements.

Epsilor supplies primary batteries which can meet your requirements. Based on various Lithium based chemistry cells, Epsilor non-rechargeable battery packs offer excellent back-up power and performance results in a wide range of operating temperatures. Epsilor non-rechargeable batteries provide long shelf-life.


Epsilor works with various battery chemistries including Lithium-Ion, Lithium-Polymer and Nickel Metal Hydride in the development of rechargeable batteries. Epsilor rechargeable battery packs offer excellent power and performance results in a wide range of operating temperatures. Epsilor rechargeable batteries provide long shelf-life.


Epsilor supplies a wide range of battery charging systems to meet the requirements of your application, from standard single position chargers to rugged military multi position style chargers. Epsilor designs chargers for desk-mount usage, as well as vehicle-mount chargers for tactical environments. Epsilor also has a unique portable charging solution using any…


Epsilor manufactures high-end battery electronic circuitry for batteries and chargers. Products include State-Of-Charge-Indicators, battery control panels and monitoring and safety circuits. Epsilor designs circuit boards to satisfy customer requirements or manufactures circuit boards as per customer design and specification. In addition, Epsilor provides…


Epsilor has a unique family of large format high energy density zinc-air batteries that deliver very high energy densities at moderate power levels. This product line was developed in response to the U.S. Army’s need for lightweight, low cost battlefield power for the dismounted soldier. The zinc-air battery is inherently safe in storage, transportation,…

Manned and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Epsilor is a world leader in designing and manufacturing lithium energy packs and chargers for manned and unmanned underwater vehicles. Epsilor manufactures a wide range of power solutions including large scale energy packs with more than 250 kWh used for submarine batteries. With the use of lithium energy packs over lead-acid, Epsilor is able to offer…


Li-Ion Batteries for Armored Vehicles


Home page Li-Ion Batteries for Armored Vehicles
Epsilor strives to achieve international leadership in armored vehicle battery technology, offering customers the most advanced, safe and smart battery products for the military vehicle market. 

Epsilor was selected to lead the development of armored vehicle lithium batteries in the IDF by the Israeli Ministry of Defense Tank Development Authority. 

Our core product is the 
6T NATO standard size batteries, designed to replace traditional lead-acid NATO standard batteries as a drop-in replacement. 

Our 6T batteries provide:

Energy back-up

Start-stop capabilities

Managed power controlled charge and discharge

Operation in extremely warm and cold temperatures (supported by internal heaters)

Customized capabilities

In addition, Epsilor offers lithium battery-based propulsion, storage and starter products that support a wide array of armored vehicles and field deployable systems used by modern military organizations. 

The main applications supported by Epsilor’s energy systems are:

Long silent watch storage for mission systems

Large format high voltage batteries for hybrid armored vehicles

Energy storage for deployable communication and mission shelters

Combat emergency starter (see the other text)




Batteries and Chargers for the Aerospace Market

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UAV Battery
UAV Battery
Epsilor designs and manufactures custom-designed battery packs for a variety of aerospace applications. 

Whether for aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), satellites or rockets, Epsilor’s solutions are designed to operate in the extreme environmental conditions that these airborne applications demand, and also meet the most stringent quality requirements.
Epsilor chooses the optimal battery chemistry and tailors the battery pack design to meet the mission critical requirements, such as: specific energy & power density, weight, volume, reliability, life cycle and cost.

Please contact us in order to learn more about our capabilities in this challenging specialty.

• Rechargeable batteries: High energy density (up to 240Wh/Kg), operating temperature range -55°C to 60°C, lightweight and reliable.
• Chargers: Accurate battery balancing, storage mode and battery testing capability.

Rockets & Launchers

• Primary and Rechargeable Batteries which meet full Milspec for extreme environmental conditions (2000 G, altitude, temperature, high current load, high reliability, long storage life)
• Chargers: Record battery information, accurate battery balancing, battery testing capability

• Rechargeable Battteries for use in space conditions: meet full milspec for extreme environmental conditions with a emphasis on high reliability and long life cycling

Medical Batteries and Chargers


Home page Medical Batteries and Chargers
Medical Batteries
Medical Batteries
Under the Electric Fuel brand name, we offer a complete line of standard and custom battery packs and chargers for medical devices. 

Epsilor – Electric Fuel manufactures standard and custom medical battery packs and charger solutions for emergency, surgical, therapeutic, and other healthcare applications. 

With Epsilor – Electric Fuel in-house design, full traceability, and intensive testing, you can be sure that the medical battery pack and charger meets and exceeds the customer’s and industry regulations. 

Providing the highest quality energy solutions for these medical applications is a top priority at Epsilor – Electric Fuel.

Brochure: Batteries and Chargers for Medical Devices


Large Format Rechargeable Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Large format rechargeable lithium batteries are the technology of choice for electric vehicles (EVs). This battery chemistry provides the best value proposition with optimal performance, energy density, reliability and life.

The batteries are employed in commercial EVs, quiet military vehicles, robots and underwater and unmanned air vehicles. This technology is also achieving notable design wins in grid storage applications.

Epsilor works closely with its customers to develop advanced energy storage systems that meet both stringent electric vehicle and military specifications. 

Epsilor has designed packs with all li-ion chemistries, namely; li-ion phosphate, lithium cobalt and lithium polymer. EV battery packs must be able to survive extreme temperatures and continuous road vibrations and have a lifetime that exceeds 10 years.

Press Release: Arotech Awarded Contract To Develop Lithium Battery For Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Testing Services

Testing and engineering services to support 
e-mobility programs and automotive batteries

Home page Testing Services
Testing Laboratory
Testing Laboratory

Epsilor’s in-house testing facilities are a one-stop-shop for the evaluation for military, automotive, medical, and aerospace batteries and chargers. 

With extensive knowledge of industry standards and more than 20 years experience in the portable power field, Epsilor offers third-party testing solutions for qualification testing, performance testing and compliance testing for both large and small format batteries and chargers.

Equipment and capabilities include:
  • Arbin, Digatron and Maccor systems
  • Hundreds of charge and discharge channels
  • Charge/discharge capabilities up to 200 Amp and 380V
  • Environmental chambers (temperature, humidity, altitude.)
  • Electrodynamic vibration and shaker systems (vibration and loose cargo, Shock etc.)
  • Cell and battery internal resistance and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Equipment is calibrated to NIST traceable standards
Epsilor offers the following services:

Safety and transportation testing:
  • UN 38.3 Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – UN Manual of Tests and Criteria

Environmental testing:
We have capabilities to provide a full range of performance testing for your batteries and battery powered products, including:

  • MIL-STD-810 testing: vibration, shock, thermal cycles, humidity, transportation tests, etc.
  • Cell and battery performance under varied temperatures and conditions: capacity, cycle life, workmanship , safety tests, battery performance
Failure analysis services:
Epsilor offers comprehensive failure analysis services for batteries, chargers and portable energy systems. Services include determining the root cause of failure and providing recommendations for corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence of the problem.

Customized testing: 
Epsilor has the testing experience and capabilities to define and perform customized testing programs for a wide range of batteries, chargers and portable power systems. Together with the customer, Epsilor configures the test program which will simulate and monitor the precise battery mission profile according to the temperature, vibration, humidity, etc. conditions.

General Products testing:
Epsilor also offer a wide range of environmental tests for general products not directly connected to portable energy systems.