Eberhard Manufacturing Company was founded in 1879 in Cleveland Ohio. The company was incorporated in the State of Ohio in 1881 and in 1893 became a Charter Member of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

By the First World War the automobile entered the world and Eberhard had to adapt to changes that were now needed by the manufacturers of automobiles. These manufacturers began to contact Eberhard about products that were now needed for this new industry. These products were items that Eberhard had been producing for years for the wagon and buggy industries such as hinges, locks, handles, seat irons, brake pedals, and windshield fittings. Eberhard needed to modify these parts to work in the newly designed automobiles; this began Eberhard’s involvement with the automobile industry. From there the truck and trailer markets were created which Eberhard was a major supplier for components like wheels, hitches, trailer axle assemblies, handles, and locks.


During this time, Eberhard’s manufacturing operations included a malleable iron foundry, machine shops, stamping departments, plating and assembly departments used to produce saddlery hardware such as harness buckles, bits, snaps, and stirrups.  As the buggy and wagon industry grew, Eberhard become one of the leading manufactures in the world for components that were used on these such as fifth wheels, buggy steps, plow parts, and seat braces.

During World War II, Eberhard Manufacturing now owned by The Eastern Malleable Iron Company, was heavily involved in the production of hardware components for the defense industry and military vehicles.

In 1958 Eberhard Manufacturing made a business decision to stop all foundry operations in Cleveland and focus on designing and producing hardware for the transportation industry using stampings and other manufacturing methods.

In 1973 Eberhard moved to a 100,000 square foot facility in Strongsville Ohio which provided them with a larger manufacturing area that was needed to support current business, modernized machines to improve production, close access to major highways and airports, and area that can accommodate future expansion if needed.

In 1999 Eberhard Manufacturing Company purchased Ashtabula Hardware Company which manufactured bus hardware products that includes manual door controls, rods, handles, and other linkage components. Once this product line was purchased, Eberhard added an additional 38,000 square feet to the Strongsville building to support customer demand.

In 2009 Eberhard purchased the footman loop line of products from the F.A. Neider Company. These lines of products are used on many commercial and military vehicles to secure straps or webbing.

In 2013 Eberhard added another 20,000 square feet to the manufacturing area of our Strongsville facility to accommodate our customers’ needs in both production of parts and just-in-time deliveries.

Today Eberhard Manufacturing Company is still part of The Eastern Company and continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of transportation hardware in the world. The extensive product line of over 5000 parts offers customers items such as t-handles, hinges, paddle latches, rotary latches, grab handles, and vents. Eberhard offers its customers a full line of standard products along with the capabilities of manufacturing one-of-a-kind products either designed by you or our engineering staff. The variety of parts produced allows Eberhard to be involved with many different industries such as: Trucks, Trailers, Fire/Emergency, Bus, Enclosure, Military, Truck Accessories, and Marine.

Eberhard’s commitment as a manufacturing company is to provide you with only the highest quality products by using the highest quality materials that are available.  Eberhard continues to manufacture many of their items at the Strongsville facility, but also now have manufacturing locations in Ontario Canada and China to help support our customer’s demands.