Contretron Inc (CI) has been designing and manufacturing innovative test equipment for the Telecommunications,Utility and Security Industries since 1986.

We specialize in innovative R & D design, creating unique, cost effective solutions to today’s wire and cable problems.

We are also Electronic Counter Surveillance specialist’s advising government and law enforcement agencies worldwide on cost-effective solutions to the detection of illegal electronic eavesdropping devices. As part of our Security Division, we have been dealers for Research Electronics Intl. (REI) distributors in Canada since 1995. REI designs and manufactures a unique line of electronic security products that have become standard tools for Government and Corporate security departments around the world. Contretron Inc. Is based in Montreal, Canada, and exports worldwide.

Technician’s Locator Kit:

The Technicians kit is our popular field service kit for telephone and security technicians.

The RFX-1500/2500 is primarily designed for use outdoors. The RFX-2500 Receiver has been set up with a very hi gain. Using this Receiver indoors is not recommended except in large office tours and industrial sites.

This kit allows them to locate all wires and cables inside a building or buried in the back yard.

The Technician’s Locator Kit consists of:

– RFX-2500 Receiver with Headset Jack
– RFX-1500 Low Power Transmitter
– Stubby Antenna
– Ground Extender Cable
– Medium Carry Case

tech kit

Low Cost Locator Kit:

The Low Cost Kit is a favorite with Electricians who need an accurate and low cost locator to pin point electrical wires behind wall, floors and ceilings.

The Low Cost Locator Kit consists of:

– RFX-2000 Receiver
– RFX-1000 Low Power Transmitter
– Stubby Antenna
– Ground Extender
– Small Carry Case

tech kit

Additional Products and Accessories:
P-1Direct Connect Probe
P-4Long Length Antenna