Our Products

  • Braided assemblies

  • Circuit protection devices

  • Conduit systems

  • Connector accessories/backshells

  • Electrical connectors

  • Electrical interconnect accessories

  • Heat shrinkable tubing and moulded parts

  • Integrated harness assemblies

  • Over-moulding/mould in place

  • Sheet metal fabrication (boards; boxes; and panels)

  • Shape memory alloys

  • Specialty machined components

  • Wire and cable

We invite new and existing customers to review Cleeve Technology International’s 130-page Catalogue or Cleeve Group of Company’s Vertically Integrated Solutions Corporate Brochure. We look forward to working with you to explore and discover the best solutions for your electrical interconnect requirements.

As an industry leader, Cleeve provides systems and components designed, specified and integrated into electrical interconnection systems appropriate to customer needs. We offer a highly focused engineering approach to provide electrical mechanical systems solutions. Products range from the supply of off-the-shelf components, such as wire and cable, connectors, accessories and circuit protection devices, to completely wired and tested systems for specific project needs. We also offer standard mil-spec qualified parts, build to print assemblies, and tested and qualified alternatives to highly sophisticated systems.



Products Supplied to Meet Customer-Specific Requirements

  • Finished tested assemblies
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Bulk supply
  • Kits
  • Battle damage repair kits




“Our products are manufactured to the highest industry standards, with each of our companies specialized in their field, yet working closely together to bring you the best value available in the business.”

– Paul Church, President




Our catalogue includes a wide range of products which our knowledgeable staff would be pleased to discuss with you to ensure your needs and requirements are met. Products include:

• Boxes

• Conduit Systems

• Electrical Connectors

• Electrical Interconnect Accessories
• Heat Shrinkable Products

• Integrated Harness Assemblies

• Panels

• PCB Boards
• Shape Memory Alloy Products

• Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Specialty Machined Components

• Wire and Cable Products




We invite new and existing customers to review a wide range of products in our 130 page catalogue and look forward to working with you to explore and discover the best solutions for your electrical interconnect requirements.

The catalogue can be viewed in your Internet browser or downloaded as a PDF file for your convenience.



Cleeve manufactures and assembles products that are used extensively in Canada and internationally. We also represent global manufacturers of electrical interconnect parts and components. Cleeve supplies and supports products such as electrical cable assemblies, wire and cable, connectors, contacts, backshells, heat shrinkable tubing and heat shrinkable molded parts that are used extensively in the military, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Our products and capabilities allow us to support the integration and supply of electrical interconnect components, sub-assemblies and wired and tested harness assemblies to meet specific program requirements.

Cleeve and our manufacturing partners are approved suppliers to most industries around the world. Our systems approach to the design, development, qualification, supply and follow-up on product support allows us to ensure compatibility of many of the products used in an electrical harness system, panel or box.

We are confident that we can provide qualified and cost effective solutions, products and assemblies for your applications and requirements and welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs.