Our Story

Amptec Research started in 1997, when our founders noticed a major gap in the aerospace industry – that there simply were not enough inherently safe testing options available. Since then, we have made it our mission to become the world’s leading manufacturer of fail-safe igniter testers.

In order to achieve this, we created a diverse product line of ohmmeters with safety and integrity of measurement at the forefront of every design. In addition, we implemented rigorous quality standards that include independent quarterly audits, created our own calibration laboratory on site, and launched a repair department with a dedicated engineer in the event any of our products should need troubleshooting.

Our commitment to this mission has lead us to great success, as Amptec Research instrumentation is now the gold standard for many aerospace and military applications.

Lastly, we take great pride in what we do, which is why at Amptec Research we promise to always manufacture, design, and repair our products from start to finish in the USA.


Intrinsically Safe Electronic Testing Equipment

Safety First

Amptec Research has 20 years of experience manufacturing electronic test equipment. During this time, we have consistently designed our products with user safety in mind. As a result, our testing equipment is the industry standard for both military and commercial aerospace programs.

620LK Front Panel of Bonding Ohmmeter

We build custom solutions

Sometimes difficult problems require new answers. Amptec Research is proud to have experience working with world class companies creating custom solutions to fit their specific needs. Contact us to see what we can do for you.