Founded in 2011, 3DiVi Inc. is the software development company in the area of computer vision, AI and deep learning. Our computer vision algorithms cover skeletal tracking (full body, fingers), face recognition, spatial understanding and object recognition.

A distinctive feature of our algorithms is the support of both standard (RGB) and depth sensors (RGBD), along with the performance optimization for low powered mobile and embedded applications.

With clients like Intel, LG, Orbbec, Orange we work to enable human-machine interface (HMI) to a wide range of edge devices in AR, digital health, smart home, IoT, smart car, digital identity and robotic areas.

Our key products:


Nuitrack – The industry leading 3D skeletal tracking middleware (Kinect SDK replacement) for Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS platforms.

Face SDK – Face recognition software, top ranked in NIST Face Recognition Vendor Test 2017.

TVico – Interactive Android Computer.

Seemetrix – Audience measurement solution for digital signage and retail.



Forensic quality and seamless scalability
  • Face detection, tracking, template creation and search (1:1, 1:N)
  • Works with video and images
  • Identification or verification, white and black lists
  • Gender, age and emotions recognition
  • 3D Liveness Detection
  • 50 000 000 comparisons per second for one CPU core.
Flexible deployment
  • Private enterprise server or SaaS
  • ARM, x86, Windows, Linux, Android. Mono or RGBD
  • Webcams, IP, IR, wearable cameras, AR glasses
State of the art algorithms
  • World’s fastest matching algorithm (according to NIST FRVT 2017)
  • Requires 45% less processing power for face detection on video
3D sensor independent
Compatible with all leading 3D sensors, including Orbbec, LIPS, Intel RealSense, Asus, Kinect.
OpenNI compatible
Easily move your existing OpenNI application, developed for Kinect, PrimeSense, Asus Xtion to newer sensors.
Unmatched quality
Proprietary algorithms ensure industry leading performance.
Single API that works for Android, Windows, Linux.
Full Body Skeletal Tracking
User masks
3D point cloud
Gesture recognition
Face tracking
TVico – Interactive Android™ Box.
Perfect platform to build and sell applications with full body and face interactivity.

All in one Android device – replaces Kinect sensor, computer, WiFi/Bluetooth module, and Windows license! Free Nuitrack SDK is included. Connects to HDMI display or wirelessly, to any Android, iOS, or Windows computing device.
TVico – Interactive Android™ Box
Buy TVico Now and Get Nuitrack for FREE*! Save up to $99. 

TVico features: 
– Quad-core Interactive Android computer 
– RGB and Depth Sensor 
– Nuitrack Pro is included 
– HDMI / Wireless connectivity